Confused about your golf Swing?  There is another way!

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The Hammer Swing™ Story

Hi my name’s Ben Davenport, I’ve been a class A PGA golf coach for the last 15 years. During this time, I’ve taught 1000’s of golfers of varying ages and standards. I’ve worked alongside some of the World’s leading pioneers on the golf swing and I’ve researched several different ways to coach the game of golf. Although some golf coaching methods on the market today can achieve improvements, none can get people the consistency they want. The main reason for this is that “the conventional golf grip being adopted in these methods, is wrong.” This has led to many faults in people’s swings such as…

Are you Guilty of: Fanning the club face open on the backswing Getting across the line at the top Swinging too steeply on the downswing Losing lag angles Getting the hands behind the club head on impact Flipping the club on impact Extending the trail arm too early

If any of these faults sound familiar to you then The Hammer Swing ™ is the golf swing for you. Not only are these other coaching methods incorrect in their content, they’re also way too complicated to learn and will require you to spend hours on end practicing before you start to see any noticeable changes to your swing. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the art of good golf coaching is being able to get someone tecnically correct without bombarding them with too much information in the process, because all this seems to do is to confuse them and make them shoot higher scores.

How the Hammer Swing was born…

I went away to try and put an intuitive golf learning concept together, one that would allow my clients to achieve a technically sound golf swing, without getting tense and confused in the process. I needed to find a concept that could be easily adopted in a short space of time. As the majority of the people I was teaching didn’t have a lot of time to devote to practice. To begin with, I tried a couple of different intuitive drills, and although they helped fix certain aspects of the swing, they didn’t quite give the correct feeling for the entire motion. Then one day I came up with The Hammer Swing ™. The Hammer Swing ™ relates the golf swing to the task of hammering a nail with a mallet. When swinging with a straight faced instrument it increases your club face awareness and makes the learning process clearer.

How the Hammer Swing™ Works…

The Task of Hammering a Nail is Set.

The Correct Fundamentals are adopted

The brain reacts to the task and within a short space of time you’re performing a technically sound swing

Instantly you can sense where the club face is pointing as you swing the golf club back. The club face is a very important factor in the golf swing as it is this that determines what direction the ball will start on. I personally started to adopt the Hammer swing grip and swing concept into my own game and soon started to hit the golf ball a lot more consistently. Not only was my good shot going further and straighter, my destructive shot also was a lot less destructive. I then started to adopt the motion with some of my clients and they too felt that the Hammer grip felt more powerful. They also felt that they would be able to deliver the club head square on impact a lot more consistently than before.

The Conventional Golf Grip Is Being Taught Wrong…

Here is why:

With the way that the conventional golf grip is being taught today, it encourages the clubface to open and close a lot during the swing, meaning that the face of the golf club is only really pointing at the target for a few inches around the impact zone, whereas with the Hammer Grip, the club face stays square for about a 30 cm before and after impact. Which is good because it only takes the club face to be a degree off with your driver, to make the ball go 15-20 yards in the wrong direction. Not only does The Hammer Swing ™ take care of the control of the club face, it also immediately cures swing plane issues automatically, if you’ve had problems with out to in swings or coming over the top on the way down, this will soon be cured within just one or two swings with the Hammer concept, once you have the correct focus on the task at hand. Fix your swing today »

Why Is This Golf Swing Better Than The Others?

The Hammer Swing’s intuitive learning style helps you to figure out your problems rather than having someone else tell you what you’re doing wrong, because you don’t really learn that way. It’s been formulated by golf coaches that have devoted their lives to teaching amateur golfers and know what works for them. Unlike other methods that have been endorsed by tour coaches that are more suited to the teaching better players.

Increase you drive by 20%

Improve you Accuracy by 60%

Lower your score by up to 30 strokes

Here’s What A Few Of Our Clients Have Had To Say About The Hammer Swing…

“I started hitting it a lot further”!

After watching The Hammer Swing TM DVD, I quickly went out to the driving range. After adopting the grip and the swing concept, I immediately felt like I was in a much stronger position when I was hitting the ball and I gained an extra 15 yards with each iron almost straight away. Nick Osborne, Surrey, U.K.

“Since watching the DVD I can now hit the ball so straight…”

My handicap fell from 5.6 to + 0.7 in 4 months after watching this video. Previously I’d always been able to post a sub 80 round but I’d never been able to do it on a consistent basis, my rounds were usually made up of a real mix of birdies, pars, bogies and doubles. Once I adopted the Hammer Swing TM motion my scores started to shoot down as my real destructive shot just vanished. Now I’m so happy with my long game that all I’m focusing on is the short game. Adrian Appleby, Bath U.K.

“I can now play a confident, consistent game of golf”

I was at a point of nearly giving up as the game was just not enjoyable to me. I couldn’t stop topping the ball. I’d been to see numerous golf coaches about the problem but never really understood what caused it to happen. That was until I adopted what Ben said in his DVD, it made perfect sense and almost immediately I started to get the ball in the air. Since then golf’s been great fun and I just want to play all the time. Brigitte Lockwood, Paris, France

Can It Get Any Easier?

The Hammer Swing ™ is the simplest concept on the market. Not only does it give you optimum club face control for straighter shots. The grip gives you extra distance, increased lag and a much stronger impact position where the lead arm and the club are in one line on impact. This position is the one position that all of the top players have had in common throughout time. Apart from these two things, it helps you to get the ball up in the air 100% of the time allowing you to get that feeling of compression when you hit the ball.

This Really Is The Easiest Way To Learn Golf

Due to the intuitive, task led style of coaching, this really is the simplest golf learning concept on the market today. Not only is it going to get you a technically correct golf swing, it will also do it in a way that won’t require you to spend hours on end beating ball after ball on the driving range. Here at The Hammer Swing ™ , we realize through our experience of teaching 1000’s of golfers over the last few decades, that people want to play more consistently but simply don’t have the time to practice as they have other commitments with family and work life. Thankfully because of the ease of the learning process, a consistent thought pattern can be adopted straight away, and because it works, this thought pattern will stay with you for the rest of your golfing life. You won’t need to tinker around with your swing as you will know exactly what you need to do. This will free up the time for you to play more golf, which is what we all enjoy doing anyway.

So How Can I Learn The Hammer Swing?

Click on the play button above to sample The Hammer Swing’s quality HD video. A lot of time and effort went in to the filming and producing this video, it was done with the assistance of a professional film crew to ensure that the quality of the footage matched the content.

What’s Included?

The video livestream includes over 1 hour of never before seen content which is completely revolutionary as far as the golf swing is concerned. Having bought other golf instruction material in the past, I wanted to make sure that there was some value in what I was selling. I didn’t want to just give people a reworking of the conventional swing model which is what all of the other golf concepts are doing these days. They just repackage the golf swing, change a few words around and “hey presto”, we have a golf swing. The Hammer Swing’s ™ content is concise and to the point. There’s nothing worse than hearing people repeat themselves over and over again just so they can say that they have an extra 2 hours of footage.

Here’s What’s Inside…

An Introduction to The Hammer Swing™

Ben opens with a foreword and a brief description of the concept.

The Hammer Swing™ Fundamentals

This chapter includes a step by step guide of how to adopt the Hammer Grip along with a detailed description of exactly how to set-up to perform this swing.

The Hammer Swing™ Basics

In this section we will walk you through the 5 Simple Keys of The Hammer Swing™ which will enable you to form the motion.

Developing The Hammer Swing™

Once each Simple Key has been identified, we will talk you through each one and provide more detail to help you develop the motion.

The Hammer Swing™ Common Problems and fixes

In the final section of the DVD, we talk about any possible common issue that may occur when trying to develop the motion, we then identify each possible problem, and provide simple solutions to help fix them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We designed The Hammer Swing ™ because we wanted people to enjoy there pastime more and for them to be more confident on the golf course. I am so confident that if you give this method your best shot you will soon be playing the golf of your dreams.

  • Increased Distance
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Great Confidence
  • Lower Scores
  • A free flowing swing
  • Instant Access
  • Unlimited Use
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